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HomeMD is delighted to offer you a unique platform designed to make your life easier and healthier.

Our powerful new software is the next step in patient-centered care. It reflects our goal  to design our family practice around you, our patient, and to provide the treatment you need, when and how you need it.

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We have an amazing health care system, but what if it was easier to access?

You spend hours in a crowded office to see a practitioner. Include transportation, parking and three hours of your day disappears. There had to be a better way so we developed it.  

HomeMD offers multiple options that respect your time and let you choose how you want to receive medical services.

Our revolutionary platform gives you access to:

Home Visits

You’re ill and need a practitioner at your side. Or perhaps you or a family member can't make that visit to the clinic. Book a Home Visit using our app and one of our  practitioners will be with you as soon as possible.

Convenient Clinic Visits

You can book an appointment using our app and don't have to wait in the queue. Our practitioners and team  look forward to meeting you.

Video Appointments

Do you know that 70% of your health concerns can be dealt through a video consultation? We use a secure and encrypted video call technology so you have a practitioner able to assist you no matter where you are.

Access your complete medical records in the palm of your hand…

HomeMD is one of the only family practices in Canada that grants you secure access to your medical records via our iOS app. You will have complete access to your diagnostics, health history, immunizations, medications and encounter notes.


It’s vital to feel trust and confidence in your healthcare team. By not rushing our patients, we deliver superior health outcomes. We take the time to know you as an individual and build a relationship. Your good health is what we care about.

A holistic approach

We’ve found many instances where patients have multiple prescriptions, often prescribed by different doctors. One patient had 17 prescriptions, including one for high blood pressure and one for low blood pressure. Bring in your prescription vials and we’ll provide a free prescription audit for you.

Mental health

Our lives are stressful and hectic. Sometimes we worry and become anxious, even depressed. Many patient interactions, be they video, house calls or office visits have some underlying mental concern that often leads to physical symptoms.

We’re here for you. So contact us.


We are an integral part of the dynamic Yorkville neighborhood. Drop in to say hello and tour our clinic.

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