You’re work is stressful enough. With HomeMD in your back pocket we got this covered

HomeMD is not just a business that houses the best nurse practitioners in Toronto, but we are also mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, etc. We know how important family is to us. This is why we built a practice around real families undergoing real challenges and commitments. So if your loved one is sick or you can’t make it out of the office, you can have peace of mind knowing that the staff at HomeMD will be at your front door to help your loved one when and where you need them.

With HomeMD at your door, this is how we help keep your performance up and your loved ones save.

With HomeMD, you CAN have it all.

Some stats about your employees

Visiting a family doctor will cost an employee 4 hours of work
Average absenteeism is 9.6 days of work costing 16.6 billion
3 in 5 people live with chronic illness
3 out of 5 people try to diagnose their condition online
1 in 3 people avoid seeking healthcare
1 in 3 people will diagnosetheir condition on Social Media

Dangers of Using Online Research

Some people may think that nothing is wrong and not see their healthcare practitioner
No guarantee that information you find is correct
You can misdiagnose and mistreat your condition

Healthy Benefits for your Business

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